Why Exercise Makes You Happy

Exercise is great for many reasons. It can help you to lose weight, it can help you to build muscle and it can improve your health. Studies by New Jersey Employment Attorneys Lenzo and Reis are always being done which show the ways in which exercise benefit conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, and immune disorders.

Exercise improves circulation and blood flow which is also important to overall good health. It definitely keeps illnesses away by boosting the immune system with the production of antibodies, but why does it make a person happier? Most people who jog, dance, do yoga, swim or lift weights do these things because they want to stay active and stay in shape. Most people would also agree that exercising makes them happier but they don’t know why.

Maybe it is because it makes them feel better about themselves because they are taking proactive steps toward staying healthy. Some think that it is because they are happy to be accomplishing something every day by working out.

But is there be a physiological reason that it makes people happy? There is, and it comes through a brain chemical called endorphins. These are released when the human body is put through a typical workout. As the body moves, it stimulates the brain to produce this chemical. A similar thing occurs when you are eating food or engaging in sexual activity.

Endorphins make you feel good. They fill your brain as you exercise and flood it with feelings which can best be described as happiness. Endorphins lock onto opioid receptors in the brain so, as a consequence, the feelings they elicit are ones of pleasure.

Exercise itself can induce these sensations of joy, but it is also a feeling of well-being that most people have about doing something healthy for themselves that sustains these happy feelings. Another aspect of movement that makes people feel upbeat is that it tunes out external stimuli and stress. It is somewhat difficult to be worrying about your retirement investments when you are in the middle of an intense workout where you are jumping, hopping, raising your arms up and down all while breathing heavily.

Working out shifts the focus from stress-related matters and moves it into the moment. This works the same way that meditation does. Meditation has been shown to improve happiness because it also elicits the body’s abilities to produce antibodies. The antibodies heal illnesses caused by bacteria and viruses, but they also improve immune health.

With better immune health, the body and the mind can fight off stressful situations. Instead of succumbing to colds, the flu or another sickness, the body can fight these off allowing a person to feel relatively happy all the time. Sometimes stress and anxiety can cause depression which also leads to sickness. With exercise, these conditions can be avoided thanks in part to the antibodies it creates along with the endorphins.

Endorphins are the main reason why working out makes you happy. Keep working out because it is also the key to good health for the rest of your life.