TV Characters Who Were Just TOO Happy

Yes, sometimes you’re watching your favorite TV show or movie masterpiece and there’s one character that just grates on your nerves. Not because that character is actually poorly written, not because you actually love to hate or hate to love them, but because they just won’t stop smiling. How can that be realistic? What is he hiding? Sometimes, you just want that character to see the more miserable side of the world. Of course, that never happens. These TV characters were way too happy for whatever reason and cruel reality never got anywhere near them.

We’ll start with the barest, most obscure memories. Do you remember the Sidler on Seinfeld? He was that guy–always smiling–who would sneak up on Elaine without really meaning to, and it bothered her so much that she ended up giving him a case of tic-tacs to carry around as a sort of alarm system. When she told him the reason for the tic-tacs was his bad breath, he didn’t get the slightest bit offended. He smiled, said thanks, and they went on their way. Naturally, Elaine got tired of the sound of tic-tacs.

Maybe we should explore the darker side of things. Even on a drama about a serial killer like “Dexter,” there had to be one character who always had a smile on his face. Look no further than Masuka, the lead forensics investigator. Sure, most of his smiles–and they were endless–came to light after a crude sexual innuendo or terrible joke, but the show definitely needed him for some well-placed comic relief.

You probably won’t be too surprised by these others. Happy the dwarf deserves a spot on this list. I mean, when your very name is “Happy,” what choice do you really have? He was the guy who always smiled and always saw the best in everyone, and he was the guy who didn’t know how to frown. Sure he was a cartoon character, but who cares? Happy represents a good life lesson for the rest of us. No matter how bad things get, there are still things that matter all around us–and we should focus more on those.

Then again, Baloo from The Jungle Book might top even Happy the dwarf. This guy knew how to have a good time even when the world was chaos all around him and his little friend. With a positive outlook and the right way of looking at even the worst of situations, you never know what the powers-that-be might have in store for you next. Baloo epitomized this philosophical viewpoint, and maybe we should try to be more like him.

Who did you think was just too happy to be on TV?