Simple Tips For First Time Moms

You are having your very first baby! Congratulations. This is going to be a rather exciting time with a little bit of fear mixed in. Who are we kidding, you are probably filled with fear, and that is OK.

Do you want to know why?

Every first-time mom is feeling the same things you are. You are not only worried about the actual birth but if you are going to be a good mom. And not for the first year but for a lifetime!

The best advice is to not sweat the small stuff. Everything will come naturally as time goes on. So if it hasn’t happened yet, simply don’t think about it.

However, to ease your fear and make you a little more comfortable, we have some tips that you will want to remember.

One of the biggest fears almost every woman has with childbirth is the unknown amounts of pain. Some women will say it wasn’t that bad while others will make you run for the other room wincing at their stories. The truth of the matter is that every woman is different and there are many options. Pain is an essential part of the birth and the moment you hold your baby will make it all worth the while. Of course, there are always magic words like epidural that will take the edge off the birth.

Another fear many women have is pooping on the table. Believe us this is something you do not have to worry about it. This is just the fact of pushing a baby out of you, sometimes other stuff is coming out with your little bundle of joy. It is one of the messier aspects of childbirth that can not be helped. And do not worry about being embarrassed by it, you are giving birth for the first time, no one (even your partner) is ever going to mention it.