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Managing Important Events with a Matter-Based Calendar

There is a lot to manage as a legal professional: correspondence with clients, legal documentation and endless amounts of evidence. However, one thing that is arguably more important for you as a lawyer to manage is much more finite – your time. Keeping a calendar and even keeping track of what is on that calendar can sometimes be a harrowing task, littered with court dates, appointments and deadlines for you always to consider in the back of your mind.

The importance of keeping a calendar cannot be stressed enough. With all of the various events previously mentioned, it’s almost impossible for any one person to remember everything, let alone the times and dates associated with them. Some legal professionals opt for a notebook-style calendar system, though that is simply one more thing to carry in the list of potential files and documents you will already have on hand. Perhaps considering an electronic approach would behoove you.

Imagine a piece of calendar software that allows you to track your events in an easy-to-manage, color-coded order. This same software would also allow you to communicate your schedule to other people who are directly involved in upcoming events. Not only that, but this imagined program could also be shared with coworkers or team members to coordinate schedules and make events or deadline collaborations that much easier for everyone. Sounds pretty interesting, right?

Integrated into legal practice management software such as Zola Suite, this calendar tracks the events in your professional life and can be programmed to send alerts and reminders of upcoming deadlines as you see fit. You can custom-organize your events by color to make identifying different types of events easier for yourself and those with whom you collaborate. You can also select which events to mark as private or can go as far as using the software as an invitation generator for clients to accept, giving you the flexibility as a legal professional to manage the affairs of your business as privately or as openly as you wish with the touch of a button. You can even use your calendar to track billing for your time in case-related events.

So, let’s go over this again. You can keep a notebook-style calendar on you to keep track of everything manually or you could begin utilizing an electronic calendar that can do all of the following:

  • Color-code events based on their relevance to certain fields
  • Track billing for your time in case-related events
  • Share your schedule with other involved contacts or parties
  • Generate alerts and reminders for upcoming events or deadlines
  • Send event invitations for clients to accept

And it can do almost all of it automatically. And the best feature of it all is that you can accomplish all of this from anywhere that grants you an Internet connection, whether it be your own office, from home or even on the go as you travel. The flexibility of keeping everyone on the same page simultaneously is one of the greatest advantages of this calendar and legal practice management software on a general scale.

The Secret of Happiness

What does it even mean to be happy? Can you even achieve it? It is our philosophy that happiness comes in small doses and by implementing these small changes you can bring happiness to your life every day of your life. We hope that this site will help teach you many different ways to be happy so you can live an longer and stress-free life.