Not Worried About Gaining Weight? The Best Chocolate Desserts To Engorge Yourself On!

Obviously certain foods should be consumed in moderation. Chocolate most definitely falls in that category. But let’s face it: chocolate does a lot of good for our brains. We need it. Bad. And the darker the better. It has nutrients and antioxidants that are usually ignored because of the sweet food’s unfortunately long list of equally persuasive cons. Chocolate can also lower blood pressure, reduce the risk of heart disease, prevent sun-related damage to the skin, improve memory, and even boost mood. In moderation. Stupid moderation.

But we’re going to assume you just need a short-term comfort food or a badass dessert for your pumpkin pie hating family members during the annual Thanksgiving gathering. Here are a few of our highest recommended chocolate desserts!

Make a Google search for Hot Fudge Slow Cooker Brownies your first stop. There are about a million of these recipes available online. They’re all amazing. Basically, you’ll dump a box of brownie mix into the crockpot (after stirring in eggs, oil, and water), and then top it off with hot fudge. Alternatively, there are chocolate cake or pudding concoctions as well. Take our word for it, though: the vanilla ice cream that goes on top of this heated up dessert is 100 percent mandatory. The final product is unworthy without it.

Everyone loves fudge. But peanut butter lovers will especially appreciate the kind that combines both worlds into one. Sometimes called “Buckeye Fudge,” it’s better than just chocolate. Pretend it’s a family recipe you came up with yourself, because they will definitely ask for it. Then make them pay for what you found on the internet. Taking advantage of family members is important on Thanksgiving. Okay, okay — we jest. Don’t do that.

Have you ever made your own Chocolate Mousse? If you haven’t had to leave it in the freezer, then you’ve only been treated to a fake. If you have extra time, build this Frozen Chocolate Mousse Cake. Bury it in the freezer to hide from the hubby and kids, and then nibble at your leisure when you have a minute or two for yourself.

We also recommend Red Wine Chocolate Cake. Primarily because if there’s anything we like more than chocolate, it’s wine. Any kind of wine. Red wine, white wine, cheap wine, classy wine, boxed wine, whatever. It’s all just juice as far as we’re concerned. This particular style of cake is extremely rich. You won’t need very much to fill up on, which is great — because everyone will want some to take home.