How To Stay In Control During The Coronavirus Outbreak

Depression is a powerful experience. Most people who have it will never forget that experience. Coronavirus is leading millions of people down that dangerous road to depression — and even those who haven’t felt it still feel like they might be losing control over their own lives. That’s what happens when one loses one’s job and is forced to stay home for a long period of time.

The good news is this: as businesses continue to reopen, there will be more opportunities to find a new job or get outside.

The bad news is this: you’re the one who needs to decide if getting outside to find a new job is worth the risk to yourself and your loved ones. It would be wonderful if our government only operated to protect its people, but that appears not to be the case. And so the decision comes down to you.

We recommend staying indoors when possible.

Staying indoors, however, means you need to find new ways of remaining in control of your own life. Get outside for exercise whenever possible: it will leave you with happy hormones that make it easier to obtain that feeling of control. Keep in mind that you might want a face mask when you do leave home. Scientists have discovered that runners and bikers can leave droplets in the air farther than six feet behind them. Be wary of who you follow!

When indoors, try to get up and move around at least once an hour. If you’re a homeowner, try working outside in the garden (this is the perfect time to grow your own food!) or play with the kids or your pets.

Part of being in control means taking the appropriate precautions to protect yourself in your own home. Are you sure you’re doing all the right things to avoid contact with those who might be infected with coronavirus?

Check with the CDC for best practices: