How To Retain Energy And Concentration In Winter

Season depression is real and affects millions of Americans each year. To say the least: this year it’s compounded by the very real consequences of coronavirus-related isolation, lost jobs, and decreased financial security. And that says nothing about all those who have lost their lives or watched loved ones lose their lives due to a callous indifference displayed by much of society toward what some see as little more than a “hoax.” 

Because of these issues facing society, it’s more difficult than ever to maintain a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction during the daily grind. Trying to retain energy and maintain concentration during the winter months is difficult, but far from impossible. Here are some easy tips to follow.

  1. Drink tea. Coffee drinkers will tell you that they can’t get started without a cup of java at the beginning of their day, but tea drinkers know the truth. Chemical compounds in green tea can help improve your memory, while those found in black tea can boost concentration and keep you alert throughout the day. Also, did you know you can reuse a tea bag? Some people even think tea tastes better the second time you steep a bag.
  2. Exercise. This is the most obvious item on the list, but it can be difficult when motivation is already sapped by the season. But then again, “exercise” really just means “staying active.” Each time you go to take a seat, ask yourself whether you can stay standing instead. Activity means your brain will continue to stay healthy, whereas a sedentary lifestyle will kill the neural connections you need to avoid dementia or Alzheimer’s disease later in life. Not in the mood to go outside for a walk in the foot-deep snow? Try walking up and down the stairs, or boot up a game like “Beat Saber.”
  3. Listen to music. Music can relax your mind and make it easier to complete work when the need arises. But not just any music. Classical music (operas, for example) have a magical way of keeping your brain working like other music cannot.