How To Relax This Election Day

We’re not going to mince words: this election season has been more chaotic than any in living memory. You have people on one side who are crying foul because of alleged mail-in voter fraud and people on the other side aggravated because of voter suppression. You have a president who was allowed the opportunity to appoint three Supreme Court justices, who has refused to concede defeat repeatedly if he loses the election, and stokes all our fears and prejudices. It’s stressful. Here’s how to relax!

One of the most important things you can do is restrict social media on a daily basis. Facebook and Twitter are filled with politically volatile memes, jokes, and misinformation — so stay away from them. Read a book, watch your favorite TV series or movie, or go out for a walk. But don’t look at the phone or watch the news. On that note, you might avoid any election day news! Go on an overnight camping trip if work allows. Do something fun! 

The most difficult part about such a contentious election is knowing how to pick your battles. The best option is this: don’t engage. Your crazy uncle is shouting his head off at the dinner table? Focus on your peas and tune him out. Say nothing, because you know you won’t change his mind anyway.

If you’re not the type of person who can stand back and do nothing, then go ahead and get out there. Your energy might be better used on the frontlines — and in fact, standing back might be making you crazier. Support the election process by volunteering. Be sure to vote. And after this election is over, consider paying more attention to local politics. Meet the people who make things happen. If you like politics, then maybe you’d let off more steam slinging mud with the rest of them!