How To Cope With Serious Injury Or Personal Loss

It’s possible anyone reading this blog is more likely to suffer a serious injury than your average Joe — because after all, you’re more likely to be active through walking, running, or swimming than those who don’t really care about personal fitness or fulfillment. And we all suffer immense personal loss sooner or later. How we deal with these stressful predicaments can show us the type of person we are. Channeled correctly, these traumas can be transformed into personal growth. Our goal is to help you achieve that growth.

We’re not going to tell you how to cope with the physical side of the pain. You already know how to do that. Put some ice on it, take some anti-inflammatories, see a doctor, or grit your teeth. It’s the mental side of pain or loss that can be the most taxing, so we’ll start there.

Los Angeles sports and performance psychologist Sari Fine Shepphird said that pain can cause “questions about identity, to fears about performance never returning to pre-injury levels, to worries about disappointing and therefore potentially losing sponsors.”

You need to trust what your doctors tell you as quickly as your brain will allow, and then build reasonable expectations from there. Denying that reality is real won’t make it any less real. Do your best to breathe, accept your situation, and move onto the next step of the process.

One key method to cope with pain is to approach the recovery process as if it were nothing more than a more targeted training regimen — because in a way it is. You’ve heard that old saying: “Mind over matter.” And that’s the truth. Train yourself to relax, especially in the evenings before bed. The calmer you are before bed, the better rested you’ll feel in the morning.

Financial stress can hit harder than other types of stress — say, the physical ones. That’s why every once in a while you might find yourself in a situation that calls for a lawsuit. If that’s the case, it shouldn’t be about holding a grudge. It should only be about making yourself financially whole again so you can take care of the people you love. If someone took advantage of you or caused personal injury, then call on a DC personal injury attorney to help make things right.

Don’t hide things from your doctor or physical therapist. They’re only there to help you. If you hide the pain you feel, they can’t do their jobs. Speaking of therapy, we recommend you give it a try regardless of your personal circumstances. A therapist is someone to whom you can converse openly and about anything. They can provide you with different types of relaxation techniques to try or help you answer questions about your thoughts or feelings. Everyone feels different — and like no one understands — but the truth is most of us have already gone through it in one way or another.