With Atkins and the new thing called a Keto diet, there are all kinds of ways that people are encouraged or recommended to live a healthy life – from eating certain foods, to getting the right amount of exercise, to drinking enough water, even to having a certain amount of sexual activity.

All these healthy ideas sometimes rain like cats and dogs.

Speaking of which …

Those who have pets in their homes can attest to this in an anecdotal way, but research has found that there is another way that families can improve their health and overall well-being – and that is just having a pet in the home. A dog, cat or even a fish can suffice in improving well-being and creating more joy and pleasure.

What is the big deal about pets? Can they actually help you lose weight? Well, not necessarily – but you can imagine taking a dog out for his or her walk twice a day involves the owner taking a little jog, then that is definitely possible. But aside from the weight-loss angle, even cats and fish can help relieve stress, calm nerves and give owners feelings of pleasure which can contribute to preventing many medical conditions.

Various physiological and psychological studies have been performed regarding pets and their effects on human well-being, and the results have been pretty clear – after all, haven’t’ you heard about organizations that brings dogs to visit the infirmed in hospitals or hospice care centers?

Here are some of the health benefits of owning a cat or dog in your home, according to a number of studies:

  • Pets increase the chance of surviving a heart attack.
  • They can lower your cholesterol level, which can help prevent a heart attack in the first place.
  • Petting a cat or dog, or even staring at fish in a tank, can lower stress levels, which lowers blood pressure.
  • Playing with a cat or dog b rings out feel-good hormones which lifts spirits and battles depression.
  • As mentioned before, walking a dog gets you exercise, which decreases the risk of becoming obese and having heart troubles.
  • Pets can provide a sense of comfort when facing a loss or rejection, and they can be great social buddies as conversation starters or as a link to various community forums, groups or even Pages on Facebook dedicated to specific pets.

As you can see, there are so many good things to come out of having a pet in your home, and many of the benefits go beyond companionship into intangible benefits to health and well-being.