Does Owning A Vehicle Make You Happier?

You’ve probably heard the taglines before: Men in more expensive cars look healthier and more attractive. Having a nice car will help you “get laid.” Nice car stereotypes are a dime a dozen, but are they true? Will you really be happier driving around a mercedes instead of a toyota? Well, there’s not exactly much science on the subject one way or the other. But there’s psychology that we can deep dive into…so let’s do that!

Not everything we want will make us happy. Science definitely does tell us that. You might want a new video game or a few beers after work one day, but the payoffs for those kinds of purchases are temporary. They wear off. Money that goes toward life experiences is more likely to make us happy. That’s a fact.

So when questioning whether or not that new car will make you happy, you have to first ask yourself: Do I need this? Do I want this? …And why?

Purpose matters when making a decision like this. You might be making the right decision if you have an insane passion for cars. But if you’re just worried about the way you look or thinking about the potential benefits of the purchase, you’re probably making a bad decision. Especially when that decision costs you more money than you need to spend.

It is, however, worth noting that personal expression can result in personal satisfaction — and owning a vehicle can be a powerful way to express yourself. No one expects a thrillseeker to own a nissan. No one expects a red-blooded southerner to buy a vehicle made in Japan. And they shouldn’t. It isn’t about the personal beliefs behind the choice — it’s about the personality behind the choice. Who are you? And what do you want your car to say about your when other people see it?

But owning a nice car can also lead to accidents. There’s a reason insurance rates are higher for faster, flashier cars. Not sure what kind of car you want to buy for yourself? Getting a more affordable vehicle with greater mileage per gallon and enhanced safety options might be worth a second thought — especially if it helps you avoid a serious car accident. More info here.

We want you to enjoy a vehicle, and have the time to enjoy the vehicle, but safety is the priority. You won’t be happy if a joyride leads to heartache. 

So what are the best reasons to own a vehicle? You probably already know our answer: travel and scenery. Those wheels will get you to where you want to go, so why not start with a road trip to the places nearby you’ve never seen before? We’re thinking about state parks, monuments, museums, etc. These are the decisions that will matter most — where you go in life and how you choose to get there. Don’t make bad ones!