3 Sports You Should Play If You Are Trying To Lose Weight

Everyone has their go-to sport that they play for fun.  Some people golf, others bowl, while others play video games (eSports are a thing, people!).  While these are all amazing ways to de-stress and keep your happiness levels up, it is very important to also play sports that help you burn calories.  Playing sports is a great way to exercise without even noticing that you are getting a good sweat in, as your sense of competition and adrenaline will make you focus on the game instead of the fact that your body is killing the workout!


Basketball is a sport that is growing immense popularity throughout the world.  Everyone knows about stars like Michael Jordan and Lebron James, and how the best players are those who are at a different physical level than their peers.  Basketball involves a lot of technique, but more importantly, it requires constant forward, lateral, and backward motion.   During any given possession, you can be jumping, running, squatting, or doing any number of physically demanding activities.  This makes basketball an amazing full-body cardio workout, as every part of your body is needed during a game.  Whether you decide to go to the park to shoot some hoops with friends or join a local Rec league, basketball is a great way to stay healthy while having fun!


Everything I said about basketball can be said about soccer.  Soccer is a full body workout, with a bit more sprinting involved than basketball.  Soccer is such a popular sport because all you need to play is a ball and an open space.  Even if you don’t have goal posts, you can set up a few water bottles and work on your technique by dribbling the ball in instead of shooting it.  Soccer is basically a combination of long-distance running, sprinting, and plyometrics.  In any given game, professional players can run over five miles.  While you won’t be playing as long or hard as a professional, turning your three-mile run into a thirty-minute soccer session can be more fun and will certainly burn more calories.



Ok, I know what you’re thinking.  Golfing is a sport for old people who are retiring, not people who want to lose weight!  I completely understand that, but think about it this way: if you walk your clubs around the course instead of taking a cart, you are working out both your legs and your upper body.  On top of this, you can establish a plan for working out after your golf outing based on how you play.  For example, every time you hit the sand you have to do five pushups and leg raises, every stroke over par is a pushup and a leg raise, and so on.  This can make you focus in on your golf game, but more importantly, it will turn a sedentary sport into a high-impact workout (if you have a bad day).