3 Songs That Will Put You In A Good Mood

Nietzsche, the famous philosopher said, and I am paraphrasing, that there are few things that in this life that can bring us all together, back to “the primordial one”, and one of those things happened to be music. So what does that even mean? In the most basic of terms, it doesn’t matter what social class (i.e. rich vs poor), what race (i.e. white vs black), what political leaning you are (i.e. democrat vs republican), what job you have (defense lawyer Odessa vs criminal mastermind) or what nationality you are (i.e. American vs German) there are things in this world that unite us a species. Nietzsche¬†specifically mentions music but other things such as sports teams can be considered a good example. Consider this: you’re at a baseball game, tie game, bottom of the 9th, two out, the home team is at bat and the batter cracks a home run to right field. The stadium erupts! It doesn’t matter who is sitting next to you, what political view they have, what color skin they have, etc, you are all at that moment celebrating together feeling the same exact feeling of HAPPINESS!

This happiness that is shared amongst the crowd makes us in that very moment all equal. Music is the great equalizer. There’s a reason why The Beatles were just as big in England as they were big in the United States. There’s a reason why Japanese men and women love Green Day even though they are from Canada. So these songs, no matter what your demographic is, will put you in a good mood. Why they put you in a good mood is up for debate. It might be the melody, the upbeat tempo, the sing-a-long-ability.

SONG #1: Don’t Stop Believin’ By Journey
Maybe you’re just a small town girl or a city boy. Perhaps you don’t live in South Detroit but you can relate. Also, who doesn’t love Steven Perry?

SONG #2: Africa By Toto
There’s no other song in 6 part harmony that makes you feel that you are actually in the rain down in Africa quite like this song.

SONG #3: You Make My Dreams by Hall and Oates
Just by reading the title you added “come true doo doo dooo dooo” which is proof that Nietzsche was right.

After listening to these songs, there’s no way you won’t have a better mood. What other songs put you in a good mood?