3 Role-Playing Games That Will Suck Away Your Remaining Life

Many people swear that video games are a great way to cope with some of life’s worst struggles, while others swear that all video games do is take up time. One thing’s for sure, though: there are some games on the market that will suck away as much of your soul as you’re willing to give. That’s because they’re designed to make sure they’re the only ones you play.

Here are some of the best video games you can play if you have too much time on your hands. Whether or not you feel fulfilled at the end of the day is up to you to decide.

Fallout. The most recent installment of the Fallout franchise is Fallout 76, a game that takes us into a multiplayer variant of the world with which we’re all familiar. Like all Fallout games, the action takes place in a post-apocalyptic world devastated by nuclear fallout from a long-past war.

Fallout 76 will be slightly different, because it acts as prequel to the other games. Instead of being set in the far future, you emerge from the vault before anyone else in order to help build your own society. Like all games in the franchise, it promises immersive and expansive gameplay.

Final Fantasy 15. This was a contentious addition to the series, and the first open-world Final Fantasy title at that. While it will undoubtedly give you a lot to do over a great many hours, many players didn’t appreciate the lack of fan service–or the story. While the combat mechanics were easy to learn and fun to use, they’re not necessarily enough.

The villains and their motivations weren’t very fleshed out. Even the playable characters suffered from too much “personality” development instead of complex character development. Add that to an already confusing, convoluted plot, and the game isn’t for everyone.

Disgaea. This series is one of the most unique ever created, and will provide countless hours of entertainment to players who are willing to throw them away. While the main story can be completed in short order, the real goal is getting as powerful as you possibly can–you play as a demon overlord, after all.

While most RPGs top characters out at level 99, the recent Disgaea 5 and all other games in the franchise top out at level 9999. The game is easy to play, but difficult to master. When you do, becoming a god is a walk in the park. This game is one of the most addictive, fun, and downright goofy experiences you’ll ever have.